Why Join DREaM


DREaM is a diverse, energetic, and challenging enviroenment short program. Each year, DREaM provides different and extraordinary theme related to recent issues, expert speakers from wide range field, Indonesian culture exploration, and more. DREaM is also always attended by participants from various countries around the world, which creating an immensely diverse environment. By participating in this program, participants will get the best 2-4 weeks learning experience, from build academic expertise, social skills, collaborative work skills, to cross cultural knowledge. Participants will also get credits from this program.

Are you still hesitant to join?
Let me show you what they think about DREaM!

Dr. Tara Mona Kessaram (WHO Indonesia) - Speaker

“It was a pleasure to join this year’s virtual UGM DREaM 2020 and deliver the opening presentation on resilience. It was heartening to see so many participants. All the students were highly engaged in the discussions which made for such a rich exchange of ideas and rewarding learning experience.”

Chloë Retna Hartini Schepens - University College of Leuven-Limburg

UGM DREaM was the best decision I’ve taken so far. Even though coming from a thousand of km from Jogjakarta, going into the unknown and to have spent these wonderful weeks with unknown people, Indonesia became a place close to my heart and the unknown people became family. UGM managed to bring people together that are not afraid of engaging in something completely different from what they’re used to doing back home. This program is a great way to meet and interact with young people representing different cultures and is such a great opportunity to spend the best two weeks of your summer. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about the Indonesian culture, make international friends for a lifetime and have a learning, yet fun and priceless experience.

Okuni Ivan Moses - Bandung Institute of Technology

My invitation to the DREaM summer school has been a memorable event. To my knowledge this summer school is one of the best anyone can attend. The way DREaM was organized is close to perfect, the team was so welcoming and amazing, the community service was fantastic, I got to know the difference in behavior between the urban population and the rural population. The most exciting of all is the way the activities were well coordinated from classroom work to cultural tours. I personally had a great deal and I enjoyed each and every activity. So for those who want to experience the culture of Indonesia and in particular Jogjakarta, DREaM is the way to go.... DREaM keeps evolving every year, please be part of it.

Li Si (Wuhan Textile University)

Thank you for these 2 weeks in the program, it’s a wonderful experience for me! I have a good time in Indonesia. The friendliness and enthusiasm of local people impress me a lot. I will come back If I have a chance! As for DREaM 2017 program, it’s a complete and mature summer program. I learned a lot from it, about cultural difference, community service, disaster management and so on. They have broadened my horizon and enriched my spiritual world. I see some ordinary people doing something extraordinary to make Indonesia better, they are great! I also want to mention the volunteers, they are so nice and warm-hearted, they did a good job! And they have affected me a lot. Someday I want to become a guy just like them, who can bring warm to other people. Thank you for inviting me! See you!

Shen, Tzu-Hsuan (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

Really learn a lot from 2017 DREaM Summer Program. This program not only let me got a lot of knowledge, but also expand my vision. The course which impressed me most is Community Service. By entering into the village and living with locals, I understand the local customs in depth. During this trip, I ate a lot of delicious food, also saw many beautiful scenery. However, the most attracting thing is the people in Indonesia. The local residents always smiling and treating us friendly. The whole village is familiar with each other, I really attracted by the warm atmosphere here. Because I grew up in city, the hospitality here make me feel like here is my real home. I’m really happy and pleasure to meet all of you. Hope we can keep in touch and looking forward to meeting you again.

Laura Mulvey (TUFTS University)

My participation in the DREaM 2016 program, Managing the Blue Planet: Ocean and Coastal Zone Management for Security, Prosperity and Peace,  was a delight. Not only were the participants provided with phenomenal lectures and public sessions, we had a chance to experience a side of Yogyakarta that very few get to see. Our time working on the village community service program was a highlight of the trip and allowed all of the students the opportunity to ask important questions and make meaningful connections. Living with a homestay family gave me valuable insight into Javanese culture. I look forward to reconnecting to all of the participants, observers, committee and community members again in the future. Sampai jumpa lagi!

Reina Yano (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Looking back on this program here from my hometown, I realize that DREaM was so valuable for me, and I feel like everything happened in the last two weeks was like a dream. Although my actual purpose of attending the program was to know more about Indonesia which I am studying in Tokyo, I am sure I learned not only about culture in Yogyakarta, but also about many more things while spending the time with all the participants, assistance, and local people I met. Especially, experiences in the local village such as the group discussion on the management of river, homestay, and Global Village were superb in a way that I got to understand more about the local life in Jogja. Thank you very much for the wonderful time, and I would have to mention that I really want to come back to UGM someday!