About DREaM

The DREaM International Summer Program is a summer program that has been held by Universitas Gadjah Mada starting in 2009. The program is combining academic learning and cultural activities in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.
This year’s (2021) DREaM theme is Rethinking Borders: Dynamics in A Changing World. Changes have occurred along with the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. Borders are a lot tighter and physical mobility is something precious. Countries around the world strictly prevent foreign nationals from entering their sovereign territory and also prevent their citizens from leaving. The world is facing a new era in which borders matter more and dictate movement across the globe. The tourism industry is collapsing and airlines are increasingly suffering and critical due to travel restrictions policies to suppress the transmission of COVID-19. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), world tourist arrivals fell by 74% in 2020. As a result, 100 million jobs are at risk in micro, small and medium enterprises. On the other hand, the adoption of information and communication technology has increased dramatically due to the pandemic. The citizens of the world operate entirely from home and rely on technology to connect with their social routines. The McKinsey Global Survey found that the response to COVID-19 has accelerated digital technology adoption for several years and that change could occur in the long term.
Virtual DREaM 2021 will present interesting discussions and conversations about borders from various perspectives and disciplines ranging from history, current understanding to predictions of border dynamics in the future. The participants will be involved in a series of discussions, exchange ideas, and learn about various experiences in dealing with the challenges of border dynamics that usually arise. In addition, participants also had the opportunity to interact with fellow participants from various countries through group activities accompanied by academic tutors and facilitators. Through DREaM 2021, students from all over the world can learn more about issues related to the theme, including its implementation in the community and how various institutions work together for sustainable development.