Virtual DREaM

Virtual DREaM 2020 at a Glance

Due to Covid-19, DREaM 2020 will be conducted virtually while still adapting to the existing DREaM content that has been implemented for the last eleven years. The theme of Virtual DREaM 2020 is “Resilience Amidst Global Pandemic”. Despite disadvantages caused by pandemic, many lessons on resilience can be obtained from various sources in a variety of fields.

In a time full of challenges and uncertainties, resilience has become a popular term and is relevant to various scopes, be it individual, organizational, state as well as global resilience. Globally, confirmed Covid-19 cases have passed 29.2 million based on data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (World Economic Forum, 15 September 2020). It has severely hit the health and other sectors, including social and economic. The industrial sector and MSMEs are struggling hard to survive and support many people involved in the business. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation report states that the poverty rate has increased by 7% during the pandemic (Reuters, 15 September 2020).

Some countries with their policies have been successful in dealing with pandemics. Meanwhile, a number of other countries are still struggling in optimizing various policies and resources owned. In this case, it is wise to learn from each other in dealing with the virus and various impacts caused. For this reason, Virtual DREaM 2020 will present speakers representing academia, researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and social organizations. Together with the speakers, participants will be involved in a series of discussions and exchange of ideas, as well as learn various experiences and good practice in facing the global challenges that arise due to the pandemic. In addition, the participants will get the opportunity to interact with fellow participants from various countries through group activities assisted by facilitators.

The young generation has an important role in society as initiators and various roles that will be carried out in the present and future. By understanding the theory and practice through valuable sessions in Virtual DREaM 2020, participants are encouraged to be able to collaborate and share knowledge and experiences gained both in social and professional settings in their respective countries.

Aims of Virtual DREaM 2020

  1. To increase awareness and knowledge regarding the issue of resilience in global pandemic.
  2. To provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas across fields and countries.
  3. To build networks among youth around the world as agents of change in accordance with their respective fields.
  4. To introduce local wisdom and Indonesian culture to international audience.


Virtual DREaM 2020 will be held in four sessions (one session per week) on 20 November – 11 December 2020. The activities consist of:

  • Lecture

The lecture session presents academics and policymakers from various countries who will share knowledge and experience in tackling the pandemic situation and its impact on the social and economic sectors.

  • Learning from Institution

This session is adapted from the Institutional Visit activities that DREaM used to carry out in previous years. Even though participants will not be able to physically visit the institutions, through this session participants can learn from the representatives of the institutions regarding their experience in dealing with the global pandemic.

  • Community Services

Participants will learn from UGM regarding community service activities, including the experience of conducting these activities during a pandemic. In addition, this session will also present speakers from institutions engaged in the social and community sector related to how these organizations continue to have an impact on beneficiaries under the limitations of a pandemic.

  • Cultural Activity

In this session, participants will be briefly introduced to Indonesian culture through virtual introduction to a number of landmarks, particularly in Yogyakarta


  • An undergraduate/postgraduate student from any major/department.
  • Maximum age of 30 years old
  • Have a strong academic background
  • Good command in English
  • Independent and able to work as a team
  • Strong commitment to follow the whole program


  •  Motivation letter (500 words, Times New Roman 12)
  • Colored-scan of the latest academic transcript
  • Colored-scan of English certificate (for the non-English speaking countries)
  • Colored-scan of passport
  • A fun square-size photo of yours (a close up one would be preferable)

Important notice:

In order to apply for DREaM 2020, upon logging in to the UGM admission system, please choose  ‘Non-degree program’ and then ‘short course’.

Ready to participate?